Jeff Becker

In business since 1986, Jeff has worked in many capacities with small and medium sized businesses in many industries. He's seen all of the choices that make for successful projects.

His experience with computers in production environments dates back even further. His first work to go into production was in High School. There he wrote software that graded pre-test and post-tests, then analyzed and compared the results. That's where he was given the honorary title of 'Technical Advisor" to the schools new computer club, which simply meant that the instructor came to him for answers.

Since then he has been involved at all levels of technology, both systems and software. His responsibilities have included project management, design of systems architecture, software design, quality control, implementation planning and execution, systems analysis, business systems analysis, department organization, hiring, team building, crisis management and executive level IT management. He has programmed in and managed development in dozens of implementations of several computer languages on different platforms and operating systems.

With a bachelor's degree in Christian Theology, Jeff never has to say that he has "a degree in an unrelated field". The principles of honesty, integrity and hard work are an everyday part of his working life. He's a strong believer that personal values can never be separated from the work someone does.